Video Making Facebook More ‘Tubular’

In its third-quarter results announced recently, Facebook stated the number of daily active users topped 1 billion. Considering that is more people than reside in all of North and South America combined, no wonder Facebook is the number one Internet surfing spot in the world.

Those numbers continue to swell, too, and content creators and advertisers are starting to take notice – especially when it comes to video consumption. In the past year alone the number of videos viewed on Facebook went from 1 billion to an astonishing 4 billion!

This news is creating tidal waves in the online video industry and most brands are looking to ride this new trend to marketing success.

“As Facebook consistently outperforms YouTube in terms of driving views and engagement, content marketers are reacting and switching to natively published Facebook videos,” said Evan James with the popular social media analysis company Socialbakers. “The subsequent result: YouTube is steadily losing a key distribution platform as content marketers shift to Facebook.”

When one views the latest statistics, it becomes as clear as high-definition TV as to why:

• The # of global monthly active FB users: 1.55 billion
• Percent of online adults that visit FB at least once per month: 72%
• Average time spent on FB per visit: 20+ minutes
• Percentage of millennials (15-34 year olds) that use FB: 91%
• Percentage of youth (12-17 year old) who claim to use FB “all the time”: 28%
• Percentage of 2014 high schoolers that use FB: 87%
• Estimated # of FB users in US by 2018: 170 million
• Number of monthly videos posted by advertisers on FB (above YT): 20,000
• The % increase over one year in the amount of videos viewed on FB: 400%

Looking at these numbers, it appears Facebook is going toe to toe – or face to face – with YouTube. The fact that the number of individuals who can be reached and targeted in Facebook is 21 times greater than YouTube, only adds to the benefits and appeal associated with online video in the number social media network in the world.

Considering the fact that one of Facebook’s main priorities going forward is to bring the Internet to the 4-billion plus humans on this planet that are unable to connect to the Internet, only means the monster swell of video interest should continue.

And that should definitely keep Facebook as the number one “surf” spot in the world for time to come.

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