Top Media and Technology Entrepreneurs Join SmackDab

Successful Industry Executives Tapped as Prominent Strategic Advisors

Auburn, Ca., June 13, 2014 Highly successful Silicon Valley innovators Andrew Orgel and Brian Silverman, both experts in disruptive technologies and bringing content businesses to market, will be joining the Board of Directors of the innovative video software company SmackDab, Inc.

SmackDab Thumbs Up LogoWith prosperous careers in senior management for well-known companies in the entertainment, media, and computer software industries, the two will be providing operational and strategic advisory services to the emerging technology company.

“Both of these gentlemen have successfully combined technology with consumer behavior, which is the mandate of our company,” said Glenn Carnahan, chief operations officer at SmackDab. “At this stage in our development, we couldn’t have asked for two better qualified and more experienced people to help guide us into the future of digital video media, marketing, and merchandising.”

A senior executive at five cable network startups, including MTV, A&E, and Nickelodeon, Orgel is known for his strong leadership, marketing, sales, programming, and production skills, and has raised more than $200 million in funding for a variety of media and technology companies. Once called “the man who made TV interactive,” by Success Magazine, Orgel has also helped complete three corporate turnarounds.

An early Software-as-a-Solution (SAAS) pioneer and startup planner, Silverman has spent more than 25 years in the computer software arena, including serving as an executive at Hewlett Packard, JetForm Corp, Sterling Software, Five9, and InContact. A three-time CEO, Silverman took Five9, a cloud-based call center software company, from zero revenue to the number one market share position in only a few short years.

With the popularity of online video viewing soaring and the creation of a video platform that operates within the number one social media networking website (Facebook) in the world, Silverman and Orgel definitely see the “disruptive” nature of SmackDab.

“People will soon learn that SmackDab is a game-changing technology that brings together in-depth and diverse content, innovative social and collaborative broadcast technologies, and powerful analytics,” Silverman said. “The combination of these will facilitate the likes of Facebook, advertisers, and brands to redefine how businesses grow and how consumers live.”


About Smackdab

SmackDab is a social media lifestyling company that uses an intuitive, technology-rich video platform within Facebook, with deep-dive data analytics, to deliver “perfectly targeted”`audiences for businesses wanting to more efficiently connect to consumers. SmackDab is at the forefront of “interactive social broadcasting” and allows companies to broadcast live events and upload and store pre-recorded videos (all in HD) for all Facebook users to access. The company was founded by Ridgeline Entertainment CEO and mutli-Emmy Award winner Doug Stanley. For more information, please visit All media inquires, please contact Brian Bose at or (775)846-8488.

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