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While there are many video outlets a brand can use to tell its amazing stories, such as YouTube, the most ideal online location is one that allows someone to not only see who is viewing its content, but also provides powerful analytics to reach out to other interested parties to draw them in to watch.

Screen Shot 2014-07-11 at 11.19.02 AM Our revolutionary video platform, SmackDab, works within the number one social media network in the world and essentially creates your own Facebook television channel. What that means is you can upload, store, and broadcast both LIVE and pre-recorded video content for the entire Facebook audience to see and talk about.

And with more than 1.3 billion users and more than 864 million daily unique log-ins that’s a pretty big audience.

Go LIVE with a product launch or special event and garner instant feedback from customers and potential customers.

Video-on-demand (VOD), be it pre-recorded content or footage of a past LIVE event, can also be stored in linear (aka YouTube), playlist, or master time line display sections for all to easily play and watch. With built in chat options that allows viewers to talk about the content with all other viewers, with just their invited friends, and with the event/show staff, SmackDab combines quality TV watching with the social media outlets today’s viewers crave.Rum Bum Video & Chat Box

It essentially combines the popular “second-screen experience” into one easy-to-use, seamless venture.

A company’s SmackDab channel is far from just a one-stop video source on Facebook. As one of only a few select API developers, SmackDab allows clients access to a wealth of extremely helpful user information as well. On a monthly basis, the number of individuals in Facebook who can be targeted and reached is 21-times greater than YouTube. No network or cable operator comes close to Facebook’s audience reach.

For the first time in broadcasting history, SmackDab allows brands and content providers to know exactly who is watching their video content. No longer are brands, networks, event promoters, etc., forced to rely on Nielsen ratings, extrapolations, surveys, or mere guessing games. By broadcasting in the number one social media website in the world, SmackDab’s customers and clients now have access to the names, discussions, and public profiles of every viewer.  Through this revolutionary new technology, they have the capability to precisely target and greatly expand their audience.


Brands and content partners also have the ability to search and select the interests and actions of potential viewers.  With this valuable information, content can be designed toward the interest of a particular audience or existing shows can be promoted to viewers who have already shown a propensity to consume that particular type of content.

Using Facebook’s data to find and target the ideal viewing audience, SmackDab provides an efficient platform to create brand lift and offers an outlet for creating additional sales opportunities.

Finally, with real-time data mining capabilities, SmackDab has the capability to place advertisements or insert in-stream commercials based on desired geographic or demographic targeting.  In addition, ads can be scheduled on a master timeline or sourced from an advertisement exchange and placed dynamically.

Not only is the overall percent of Internet users watching videos on the rise, but the amount of time beingFacebook Video Image spent on each website is going up as well. Nowhere is this more prevalent than on Facebook. In the first month of 2014, Facebook users watched a total of 118 million hours of video. This is an incredible jump up from its average of 40 million per month for 2013.

It is an upward trend that has continued and one that brands can take full advantage of with the powerful help of SmackDab’s revolutionary video capabilities and audience analytics.


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