‘Social TV’ is Here to Stay

In this age of instant communication, the first thing most of us want to do after watching an incredible twist or unexpected revelation occur in one our favorite television shows is to reveal our feelings with family and friends. And instead of chirping our excitement or displeasure by picking up the phone and calling them as we did in the past, most of us send our thoughts via a post or tweet on the Internet.

Social TV imageIt is now estimated that 79% of all viewers use a “second screen” to browse the Internet and chat with friends while watching television. According to this recent article by Mashable, 84% of tablet and smartphone users say they use their device while also watching TV.

By simply looking at the incredible number of tweets that took place during various shows and live events in the article it’s obvious that “Social TV” is not only here, but rising in popularity with each passing day. Considering there were an amazing 18 million-plus tweets for the MTV Music Awards alone and more than 9 million tweets during the last episode of Breaking Bad, it appears things are breaking well for this new approach to viewing.

Very, very well.

While the Mashable article explains there are special operating systems and devices that allow for multi-screen windows that let viewers tweet and post while they watch a video or live event, wouldn’t it be more entertaining and engaging to tune into a full-screen, HD “channel” that operates within one window and one platform?

The same platform that just happens to be the number one social media network in the world?

In this digital age, there are many different, exciting ways to utilize social media. There are also a number of options to take to access quality, online video content. When it comes to “Social TV,” however, there is only one way to get smack dab in the middle of this growing trend and truly deliver the integrated experience viewers seek.

It may even be worthy of picking up the phone and chirping our excitement about.

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