‘Social’ TV Launches Viewers and Brands Into Future

An interactive synced-viewing experience that takes place within online data-rich environments, such as Facebook, “Social Broadcasting” is the next innovative step in the field of digital television.

This groundbreaking form of broadcasting allows unprecedented direct engagement between viewers in a highly social venue, while providing the catalyst for building relationships between brands and the specific audiences they seek.

Utilizing direct access to Facebook’s LIVE data stream, Social Broadcasting allows for the creation of custom audiences – those who have actively engaged or “actioned” on a brand and those who are already fans of the respective artist, sport, interest, or subject.  It even allows for the targeting of all Facebook users who have actioned on a brand’s competitors.

Rum Bum Video & Chat BoxAn elegant user experience, Social Broadcasting provides true interactivity in a hyper-social form. Viewers can directly engage with the broadcast by sharing content with other viewers, Skype in to join the show, and even provide video content though a downloadable App that transforms a mobile phone into a LIVE camera.  It also allows viewers to chat with one another in real-time as a public group, privately with invited-only friends, and even with those directly involved with the show, such as the actors, athletes, event producers, moderators, or brand representatives.

Reaching beyond simple online events, Social Broadcasts are designed to garner significant attention from traditional media, including television, radio, and print, which will greatly aid in the “organic” promotion of the events.  This is accomplished through the use of primary stories that are of global importance, such as a live concert or sporting event.

These main stories become the backbone of the broadcast event, enticing both news media and viewers with their trackable elements. They also allow, however, for segues to additional “parallel events” and spectacles, which add greatly to the overall texture of the Social Broadcast event. Thanks to advancements in technology, these additional events could be actual viewers sending in video commentary or funny, engaging tidbits regarding the show or live event straight from their cell phone.

Social Broadcast events are truly quite remarkable as they ideally combine social media and television into one user-friendly, fun experience. Since it is estimated that 80% of viewers are using a second screen to chat and browse the Internet while they watch, this new, revolutionary way of watching and engaging will most likely be the new wave of TV.

Since viewers will be enticed by the trackable nature of the primary story, engaged by the real-time social options available, and intrigued by a desire to see – and take place in – parallel events, Social Broadcasts will have an overwhelming tendency to explode in popularity. This leads to an organic viral growth as viewers invite friends to participate, and those friends invite their friends, and so on and so on.

That is Social Broadcasting and with an audience of 1.3 billion active users and 757 million global daily users, we strongly feel Facebook is the ideal “social” platform to launch these interactive, revolutionary broadcasts.

~ Doug Stanley, CEO SmackDab

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