smackdab-small can easily and quickly help brand marketers with their current digital video advertising needs.  Our platform works within the Facebook ecosystem and provides access and audience targeting to the 864 million users who log in daily.  This reach is significantly greater than any network or cable operator.  In fact, the number of individuals in Facebook who can be targeted and reached on a monthly basis is 21 times greater than YouTube (the next largest social platform).

SmackDab is a full-service “Social TV” platform that combines video, engagement, and analytics into one solution and uses Facebook’s proprietary search algorithms to target and reach specific audiences.

TGLS iPad HomePageThis revolutionary new solution uses industry-leading, high-speed video players that are capable of broadcasting in HD and are able to automatically adapt to bandwidth and computing conditions so that every viewer gets the highest possible video quality on any device – smartphones, tablets and televisions.  The SmackDab platform delivers content with ease, whether it is from a video on demand (VOD) library or direct from a LIVE broadcast.   Publishers have the choice of streaming videos in linear, play-list (aka YouTube), or master-time line modes.

All video content is hosted on our own servers, outside of the Facebook environment, providing every customer with unlimited video bandwidth – effectively eliminating any file size restriction currently in placeAmazon-web-services in Facebook.  All video content is delivered over the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Network, a cloud-hosting solution providing flexible, highly scalable, and low-cost distribution delivery.  AWS provides an elastic cloud-computing infrastructure that can grow and shrink to meet any demand.  The platform is designed to scale quickly, reach any region around the world, provide lower latency, and provide a superior customer experience.

A SmackDab Channel can be customized to highlight the image and messaging that is important to each brand.  Our media team will design a brand channel landing page so that it resonates and connects with viewers, while communicating the brand’s unique value.  The focus is to connect with the audience, while increasing the brand’s overall visibility so that the site complements related assets, reinforces current messaging and helps it stand out from competitors.

A brand channel provides considerable real estate for a brand to design a compelling and engaging site that connects with viewers.   Logos and related images can be placed in strategic locations throughout the landing page.  In addition, links to other brand properties help create a cohesive and integrated messaging campaign.

Chat With Friends

Watch HD Video & Chat With Friends!

With SmackDab, viewers can interact with one another via a tri-dimensional chat system that allows them to chat one-on-one with friends, with all viewers, and with those directly involved with the broadcast if desired. This “second screen” experience encourages viewers to stay longer and provides a valuable opportunity to engage with the event hosts, as well as with other viewers on Facebook.  Throughout a chat session, each chat tab turns red as new comments appear – giving visual cues to each viewer that others are actively engaging with him or her.

A SmackDab brand channel is far from just a one-stop streaming video and chat destination on Facebook.  Marketers can leverage the immense data within Facebook to find the most relevant individual profiles that will provide the best branding and conversion opportunities.

Facebook Dart ImageUsing the advanced features within Facebook, SmackDab can find and target audience members based upon their interests and actions.  Marketers can use this data to promote and advertise to specific individuals who are most receptive to their brand and effectively increase awareness, reach, and ultimately sales.

SmackDab can activate a Facebook marketing campaign specifically reaching this target group.  Test campaigns are used to evaluate the campaign images, ad copy, and placement locations.  Using these test results, we optimize the ad combinations to generate the highest response rate for the desired audience with the highest propensity to convert.

SmackDab is a powerful alternative for marketers to reach their potential audience.  By combining video, engagement, and analytics into one solution and using Facebook’s proprietary search algorithms to target and reach specific audiences, marketing professionals can optimize their ad budgets and deliver a higher return on their investment.

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