Facebook Video Platform an Industry ‘Game Changer’

Auburn, California – Jan. 28, 2014 – Thanks to the creation of a new interactive social media broadcast platform, companies now have exciting, innovative ways to get their products and services smack dab in the face of customers in the form of original video content on Facebook.

Through the use of this innovation software – SmackDab – a company can essentially turn its Facebook page into its own television channel. Not only can live or pre-recorded video content be uploaded and offered in real-time, but companies have the ability to utilize the complete “fire hose” of metadata that comes with the number one social media website in the world.

Not only can companies monitor the names, profiles, discussions, and actions of its viewers, but they can use this data to help grow brand awareness and loyalty by branching out into the Facebook ecosystem to find users with similar behaviors and characteristics.

Considering 1.3 billion people use Facebook, companies are scrambling to find highly interactive and creative ways to draw in new “fans” in an effort to expand their customer base. SmackDab is just the revolutionary tool to accomplish this and lead a company’s online marketing and advertising efforts into the future.

“SmackDab is a source for original video content broadcast on a brand’s Facebook page,” said Doug Stanley, CEO of Ridgeline Entertainment, the company behind SmackDab. “Instead of just splattering ads, companies now have the ability to bring premium content and premium interactive experiences to customers and their loyal fan base. For the first time in broadcast history, they also have the ability to see the actual names and profiles of the people watching their content. This is a game changer. This is what social broadcasting is all about.”

To go along with the many benefits of the video platform, viewers are able to take advantage of a a multi-level chat solution that allows them to discuss the video or LIVE event with others. There is a Global chat option to go with a Friends Only option and an Event choice in case participants of the actual LIVE event want to interact with their fans.

The goal of any company is to find creative, inventive ways to get their products or services smack dab in the face of potential customers. As the name suggests, Ridgeline Entertainment’s amazing new social media platform does just that.

For more information on SmackDab, please visit www.smackdab.com or contact Ridgeline Entertainment at (530) 820-3745. Founded in 2010 by multi-Emmy Award Winner and producer Doug Stanley, Ridgeline is focused on telling authentic, compelling, and emotional stories from all over the world. For more information on Ridgeline, please visit www.ridgelineent.com.

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