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Using online video for marketing purposes is starting to play a huge role in reaching new audiences and garnering higher levels of engagement.  It is vital for all companies to stand out in this “rich media world” through art (a clever concept or great lead) and science (a top-notch syndication plan or dynamic online platform).

It is also imperative to find and connect with an increasingly fragmented audience.  In addition, real-time, interactive digital experiences exert a powerful influence on customer behavior, experience, and loyalty.

SmackDab can easily and quickly help marketers with these digital video advertising challenges.  Our platform works within the Facebook ecosystem and provides access and audience targeting to the 864 million users who log in daily.  This audience reach is significantly greater than any network or cable operator.  In fact, the number of individuals in Facebook who can be targeted and reached on a monthly basis is 21 times greater than YouTube (the next largest social platform).

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Brand marketers understand that having video is not enough in today’s world.  It is absolutely necessary to create an engaging and social outlet.  SmackDab’s patent-pending technology provides a multi-engagement chat system that allows for the creation of social gatherings within social media.  This lets viewers interact with one another, in a synched-viewing environment. This is ideal in the case of live events because viewers can share their thoughts and opinions in real-time with their friends, with other Facebook users, and often times with the actual participants in the event itself.

Story Engagement

Considering 80% of TV viewers use another device, such as a laptop or smartphone, as they watch, and nearly 25% of them are chatting on Facebook and Twitter, this may be the most exciting feature of SmackDab.  By combining a “second-screen” viewing experience into one reliable, user-friendly platform, SmackDab is truly the future of Social TV.

For the first time in broadcasting history, SmackDab allows brands and content providers to know exactly who is watching their video content. No longer are brands, networks, event promoters, etc., forced to rely on Nielsen ratings, extrapolations, surveys, or mere guessing games. By broadcasting in the number one social media website in the world, SmackDab’s customers and clients now have access to the names, discussions, and public profiles of every viewer.  Through this revolutionary new technology, they have the capability to precisely target and greatly expand their audience.

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Brands, broadcasters, and content partners also have the ability to search and select the interests and actions of potential viewers.  With this valuable information, content can be designed toward the interest of a particular audience or an existing show or live event can be promoted to viewers who have already shown a propensity to consume that particular type of content.  Using Facebook’s data to find and target the ideal viewing audience, SmackDab provides an efficient platform to create brand lift and offers an outlet for creating additional sales conversions.


Finally, with real-time data mining capabilities, SmackDab has the capability to place advertisements or insert in-stream commercials based on desired geographic or demographic targeting.  In addition, ads can be scheduled on a master timeline or sourced from an advertisement exchange and placed dynamically.

The ad agency world knows the challenges of digital video ads and they know how vital it is to focus on user experience.  Agencies now employ storytellers, often with backgrounds in screenplay writing, and team them up with developers to create interactive experiences.  Marketers desperately want more than their share of the buyer’s attention. Hence, the optimal digital experiences of the current decade no longer stem from just great creative, but rather from the convergence of technology, creative, and media.

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For the global brand, somewhere in the world there’s always an active buyer – ready to engage, compare offers, and potentially purchase a product or service.  These moments of truth, where a consumer decides whether or not to continue a relationship with a brand, occur much faster in today’s digital age.  Consumer expectations are extremely high and when their needs aren’t fulfilled on their own timetable, they move on.

Although real-time marketing is far more imagined than executed, digital marketing agencies need to develop offerings around real-time concepts, whether in communications, product innovation, pricing, or digital distribution models that disrupt industries.

SmackDab offers brands and creative services a powerful platform to connect and engage with desired customers and viewers. It is the perfect blend of art and science.


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