A new innovative digital solution, SmackDab provides companies with a full-service Social TV platform that combines video, engagement, and analytics while at the same time leveraging Facebook’s proprietary advanced targeting system to find and reach the most receptive audiences.

facebook_tvEssentially, this amazing platform turns a Facebook page into an interactive television channel – one that allows companies and event organizers to not only see who is watching their content, but also giving them the ability to engage with each and every viewer in real-time. This is a first in the history of broadcasting!

Content producers no longer need to rely on Nielsen ratings, extrapolations, surveys, or guessing games to evaluate their show’s or video’s reach. No other video platform, such as YouTube, offers the depth of data that comes with Facebook or the custom branding of SmackDab.

And because of this, broadcasters now have the ability to directly target their preferred demographics and “like-minded” individuals to quickly and efficiently increase their brand reach and awareness.

In addition, the patent-pending technology provides a multi-engagement chat system that allows viewers to interact with one another in a variety of exciting ways. With live or video on demand (VOD) events, viewers can share their thoughts and opinions in real-time with other Facebook users and often times with the actual content producers themselves through the “Event Team” chat option.   SmackDab Red F Logo

With its professional broadcasting functionality and amazing audience analytics, SmackDab is essentially the ideal social marketing and sales solution for any brand marketer.

What Is SmackDab?

  • A new revolutionary platform that allows video to play in HD and full-screen mode within Facebook
  • A custom-branded destination that allows users to watch, share, and chat while viewing live events and video-on-demand (VOD) content
  • A video solution that easily reaches more than 1.3 billion global Facebook users
  • A professional broadcasting system that defines interactive television and social marketing

Why Use SmackDab?

  • Online video marketing quickly delivers your message, keeps visitors on your site, and helps you stand out from your competitors
  • Broadcast to more than 864 million global daily Facebook users (135 million daily users in the USA)
  • Monthly reach is 21 times greater than YouTube and more cost-effective than traditional forms of media
  • Obtain actionable insights  about your campaigns through rich and deep analytics
  • Build promotional strategies around Facebook users’ actions, interests, demographics, and geographic information
  • Interactivity encourages and builds deeper and more contextual relationships with viewers
  • Provide audience members with direct connection to content publishers and behind the scenes access

Who Is SmackDab?

  • The platform was developed by Ridgeline Entertainment, a company led by Primetime Emmy Award-winner Doug Stanley
  • A team of media and technology experts who provide a complete solution for your digital marketing and advertising objectives
  • The perfect blend of art & science when it comes to successfully reaching a wider audience with optimal campaigns and communications

Increase your company’s brand awareness and sales revenue by broadcasting premium video content on the #1 social media site in the world – Facebook! Say hello to the future of broadcasting!   

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